Am I totally nuts or is that Brian Posehn playing the preacher hitching Sue Storm and Reed Richards? If this is the case, I am preemptively declaring that not only did I like better
Fantastic Four than Batman Begins, I am going to like Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer better than The Dark Knight. Unless Christopher Nolan gets Patton Oswalt in there. Or Nicky Katz.

Last week, the teaser for FF:ROTSS (we geeks love acronyms) hit theaters with Night at the Museum – but Fox bizarrely kept it offline. That led to truly awful cam recordings of it hitting YouTube, and other sites picking up the piracy as news. I found that more than a little disturbing honestly (boy, I hope we didn’t run it here in one of the news roundups…) – why not just run links to torrents of whole bootlegged films?

Anyway, Fox finally wised up and put the teaser out in Quicktime, where it looks super. And this teaser is sooooo much better than Fox’s last one, Live Free or Die Hard – it focuses on one sequence and showcases the pretty good looking Silver Surfer FX. This is the kind of teaser that can get even the haters excited – and since I’m not a hater, I feel pretty psyched. Click the image below to see the teaser.