Kilmer has a reputation of being hard to work with. And maybe that reputation has kept him from getting some great roles in the past. But are things so bad that he has to revisit Real Genius, a comedy he starred in back when my voice was changing?*, without resorting to tactics like “quotes” or “sourcing”, is claiming that Real Genius 2 is very much on the radar for Kilmer. According to the page, which was probably written by Richard Branson himself in the middle of an absinthe and kava-fueled orgy aboard a hot air balloon, Kilmer wants to change his profile in Hollywood by doing some comedies. Resurrecting a mildly popular film from two decades ago is probably the way to do that, sadly, since the excellent and hilarious Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang didn’t do shit for anybody’s career.

There’s no plot, director, shooting schedule, or script yet, but expect the finale to have a house filled with Hot Pockets, to better stay in tune with modern youth.

*Seeing as how he was recently in a failed musical theater version of The Ten Commandments, probably