It was not but two days ago that I was brought to near-masturbation at the sight of so many new glimpses at Cogan’s Trade, Andrew Dominik’s next film. I even promised to strangle other films to death if it meant seeing the film sooner, but I guess the Weinsteins didn’t see my offer as they’ve slated the movie for September 21st of this year. It would have been unreasonable for me to expect it any sooner, but this still means I’ll need to repress some of my more violent impatient urges (not to mention all the indecent exposure), otherwise I may have too much legal trouble to have any chance of getting into a theater in September.

I spotted this release date news on /Film, where they also noted that the Jennifer Garner film Butter is now scheduled for October 5th. I saw Butter at SFF in the fall and I can say a few things about it. A) It’s an exceptionally empty, worthless movie B) That’s it’s frustratingly slick and charming, with great performances and solid filmmaking C) That it’s 100% a crowd pleaser.

It’s notable that election season will be more than heated up around its release, so its Progressive Vs. Red State message may piss off some and attract others, but if they downplay the political edge then they could have a minor The Help/Little Miss Sunshine hit. The film is just glossy enough without being super Hollywood to hit that Moms market that doesn’t typically hit the cineplex, and there is plenty of pandering to both sides of the gender fence (provided by Hugh Jackman and Olivia Wilde respectively) to help out its broad appeal.

Also, Scary Movie 5 has been moved to January 11th of next year, since the original April date won’t work for a movie that hasn’t rolled cameras yet. Perhaps they’ll just keep forgetting to make it and will punt the date farther and farther forever, so we never have to endure the thing actually coming together.

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