www.chud.com/graphics9/shape.jpgAnd just like that, Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween is taking Shape. Last week we reported that the young Michael Myers was cast – over the holiday weekend it was revealed that big grown-up Mike is cast as well, and Zombie has gone brawny with one-time wrestler and Sabertooth, Tyler Mane. It’s an interesting choice, as I never saw Mike Myers as quite the musclebound type as Jason Voorhees, and Mane is someone I would have considered for the long-delayed Friday the 13th remake.

That isn’t the only casting news that Zombie snuck out over the celebration of the birth of our Savior – Malcolm McDowell, best known as Mr. Roarke on the remake of Fantasy Island, will be taking over for Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis, the man hunting down the masked killer. It’s a good call – Loomis is a little bit mad himself, and McDowell can play nutters like nobody’s business.

An interesting casting rumor also popped up at Fangoria – they’re claiming that Danielle Harris is playing Laurie Strode, aka the Jamie Lee Curtis role. That’s pretty interesting to hardcore Halloween fans, since Harris starred as a little girl in Halloween IV… as Laurie Strode’s daughter! Also, I once met her at a pizza place by my high school, where she was signing autographs. I don’t know who set up a 10 year old to do an autograph signing in a pizzeria on Union Turnpike, but there you go.