Much as I hate it, that headline has just violently all dragged us back to the naive times of 1999. Can’t do anything about it now, so let’s sit back on Jay Z’s yacht while Hype Williams yells into a megaphone and all learn about Ludacris’ new movie project…

Coke Daniels has directed a few gangsta comedies and low-budget films with that always-transparent codeword “urban” in the synopsis, including Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary, the existence of which is entirely justified solely by this one song on its soundtrack (very NSFW lyrics):

Upping his ambition a bit, Daniels is now teaming with rapper and Fast Five star Ludacris to take a comedic (and probably full-on satirical) look at a particular piece of club culture: parking lot pimpin’. While I wasn’t familiar with the process before, this is apparently a system in which male club-goers either rent or buy cars outfitted with LCD TV wheels and fish-tank headrests and other bullshit that would tickle Xzhibit pink. They then park those cars in the club’s parking lot and let interested women inspect and hang out in the cars, hoping they’ll get to take them home. All of it sounds like one of the many processes found in each and every sub-culture in which horny people essentially revert to birds, and stand around flapping their best feathers until someone with the appropriate genitalia offers ‘em up.

Thinking about it now I realize the Fast And The Furious movies have been filled with scenes depicting this very phenomenon. I guess I just never realized it was such a codified system till now!

Ludacris would play a newly single gent convinced by his “slick” buddy that a night out among the parking lot pimps is the solution for his depression. Apparently Luda’s character simply discovers that his pal is a lame asshole. The film will begin shooting in April, and I have to assume it will be shot around here in Atlanta. In fact, there’s a well known club (with a big parking lot) not a mile from my place that’s been used in several major movies in recent years, so I’d be very surprised not to see this production roll up at some point. Maybe a set visit will be in order…

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Source | MovieHole (via JoBlo)