Try not to be creepy about it, but gaze into the future my friends…

That 13 year old — rocking a dumb Tron-suit filled with superfluous design elements better than we look in our best-fitted finery — is going to be movie star, perfectly trained and engineered from the ground up. This is a shot from the set of After Earth, which Jaden Smith stars in with his father and is being directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

This takes place on a long-abandoned Earth after the pair crash land and have to deal with whatever scary threat has developed since humans ditched the place. No word on a Wall-E cameo.

In any event, one has to think the young Mr. Smith may bring some of that tweeney heat for music stars like Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers back to the movies, as he’s bound to become an icon for that segment. That’s not even taking into account his music career, which will inevitably develop alongside his acting gigs. Also note that he’s already appeared in about half-a-billion dollar’s worth of movies (Karate Kid, Pursuit of Happyness, and Day The Earth Stood Still).

So note this tempest- this calm before the storm. And if you have a daughter that’s about 10-13 years old, gird your loins for the screaming and the branded trapper-keeper buying and the shrieking concert-going…

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