I’ve never been much of a gamer, but Twisted Metal is one of those enduring franchises that even I have spent some time with (more than likely 2001’s Twisted Metal: Black on PS2). While it has not sold a particularly stunning amount of copies (less than half of what, say, Mortal Kombat has sold) it is the longest-running Playstation-exclusive title and is certainly an IP with some unique imagery attached to it. It’s also hard to think of a video game more suited for the batshit auteurism of Brian Taylor, one half of the Cranking, Ghost Riding, Gaming director duo Neveldine/Taylor.

This time though, wooed by the million+ dollars offered by Sony, Taylor will go solo for this adaptation. You can rest assured his partnership with Neveldine remains though- this is a temporary division of efforts apparently.

The game of course revolves around a winner-takes-all demolition derby that draws together a rugged, Mad Max-ian group of killers in specially outfitted vehicles. In a series of escalating battles characters like the demonic clown Sweet Tooth battle it out, competing for a chance to have the tournament’s supernatural ringleader Calypso grant them a wish.

It’s all ultra silly, ultra nuts, and right smack in the middle of Taylor’s wheelhouse. While I have yet to hear anything nice about Ghost Rider 2 as a finished product, it’s clear the film captures the visual spirit of demonic mayhem with aplomb. I also see no problem with these guys being given odd franchises that still empower them with a big toolbox with which to fuck around. I have no doubt they’ll return to more stripped-down craziness when they make a Crank 3 or whatever, and that only becomes more possible when they’re cashing checks this big.

Again, I haven’t seen Spirit of Vengeance so perhaps my thoughts will change, but for the time being this seems like a fun, harmless arrangement.

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Source | Deadline (via TotalFilm)