Found Footage has been beaten to death, so all that’s left to complete the cycle is to spoof it.

Enter Marlon Wayans. The man who was one of the best actors in G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (seriously, I was pissed at first that he was going to be in it, then he ended up being one of the better aspects of the film. Especially when stacked up against Mahogany Tatum.) is doing a found footage movie that spoofs the recent horror film trend. Here’s the details.

The pic is described as a spoof of a various found-footage pics like Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside Me.

This thing can be utter stupidity, or actually turn out to be funny. There hasn’t been a good spoof movie in a LONG time, so I hope this turns out to be the latter. I just hope he doesn’t try to do his Smokey character from the Scary Movie films. Revisited the second one last summer, and that character got annoying really fast.

Wayans will co-direct with a guy named Mike Tiddes, and Wayans will star alongside a girl named Essence Atkins. No relation to Christopher Atkins or Hellraisher II/III scribe Peter Atkins.

Source: bloody-disgusting