One Iron, two Grind.If you’re looking to kill some time over the holidays, two genre-cuddling websites are up and ready for your chronosticidal tendencies.

First, Tony Stark has finally ponied up the capital to establish a
URL for Iron Man. The official site,
is up… but not so operational. As is the case for most film sites launched months
and months before release, there’s not much more to it than the Iron Man logo
and an area to register for updates. Still, it’s official.

Second, the Grindhouse website is up and ready to make your eyes feel good
and greasy. Stocked with the usual yet very stylish trailers, photo gallery, and retro-awesome
movie poster downloads, the
site also gives you machine-gun-gammed
love in the form of
photos and background on characters both featured/ not featured in the trailer.

The real fun in visiting the Grindhouse site, however, is the
Grindhouse 101 section which includes a healthy heaping of excerpts from the
forthcoming movie companion book Grindhouse: The Sleaze Filled Saga of an
Exploitation Double Feature
. While the blurbs may not shed any new light for
the hardened grindhouse veteran, it’s got some background and musings on the genre and its 2007 feature film spin-off from directors Robert Rodriguez and Quenten Tarantino as well as Eli
Roth, Make-up artist Greg Nicotero and others.

As a warning, while the Grindhouse site awaits to slather
you with sticky, grainy love, make sure your internet connection can handle its
washed out girth. If your bandwidth can do heavy lifting and laughs in the face of
ultraheavy flash sites, get your tour of Grindhouse started
right here.