Suspicion is one of Hichcock’s early 40s works, a psychological thriller starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine adapted from a 30s novel called Before The Fact. It’s one of the controversial films in his oeuvre as it changes the ending of the novel — about a woman who marries a man who may or may not have dire intentions for her life — to the point of changing the entire thematic texture of the story. There is disagreement over how much of that change was forced onto Hitchcock by the studio and how much he actually had in mind from the start. The director’s own statements contradict some reports and papers from pre-production, so it’s tough to tell. Regardless, it was a subject of contention with Hitch for the rest of his career.

With that in mind, one wonders if the announced remake of Suspicion from Paramount will be a faithful remake, if it will mine the book for the original ending, or if it will do something different entirely. The new project is centered around a deal with The Killing showrunner Veena Sud to write the new script.

The Killing is itself a controversial show, as it has pretty much revolted a large section of TV drama fans (including my boss) but maintains a strong following

There are a few other Hitch-related projects on the horizon, including some docs, some biopic narratives, and some other remakes of his older work so it will interesting to see ‘Cock surge in pop culture soon.

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Source | Variety (via /Film)