I have to cop to missing out on most of Will Ferrell’s dramatic work, including Everything Must Go from 2010. I’ll have to catch up though, as the actor is latching onto a new straight project to stretch his acting wings within, even thought the premise itself has a humorous bent to it.

Titled Flamingo Thief, it’s about a successful millionaire lawyer who demonstrates some kleptomaniacal tendencies in response to the collapse of his domestic situation, with the oddity being that his fixation on theft only manifests with flamingos as the target. Apparently it starts when he nabs a small flamingo figurine, but escalates in such a way that he gets into serious, dangerous trouble. All of the synopses I can find are vague about whether he is only stealing figurines and that somehow spirals, or if he moves on through stealing lawn flamingos up to stealing the real birds from zoos or something.

Regardless, it sounds pretty cute and certainly up Ferrell’s alley. The script is a black list entry by Michael LeSieur (You, Me And Dupree) and the project is still without a director, so no start date yet to report.

If you need your Will Ferrell fix though, you can catch him right now in the Tim & Eric Billion Dollar Movie, again later this year in the still-filming Dog Fight, and yes Casa De Mi Padre on March 16th (thanks PintelGuy).

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Source | Variety (via /Film)