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There seems to come a point in many artist’s careers when their children become their agents, and it’s that crossed line that often sparks a tight, spinning spiral into irrelevance. It’s somewhat surprising that Jolie is picking this moment to lay her project decisions at her kid’s feet, considering she’s just now wrapping up the dog-and-pony show surrounding her In The Land Of Milk And Honey. Then again, perhaps the sustained seriousness of her controversial (potentially stolen, and arguably debate-damaging) film has created a need for her take a load off and make something light.

Also, to be fair, there’s no way that a massive Disney movie based on a beloved villain that supposedly has a good script is in any way to going to mar the career of someone like Jolie, but it’s still interesting to see how children-saddled artists think about their work.

In any event, she let loose this statement namelessly alluding to Maleficient while in Berlin, snatched by THR:

“I haven’t acted in two years, and I haven’t done anything else since this [Land of Blood and Honey]. The next thing I am looking at is a Disney movie.”

This apparently indicates an ironclad announcement that she will be absolutely taking on this project, though admittedly it was always more than likely that she would sign on. Still, it’s funny what can launch a thousand headlines these days.

She followed up the statement with a lot of hoopla about balancing roles based on what your kids care about.

“The best thing to find that balance is to do something that is just for children. You know, you find different ways to make things matter. When, for example, you do fun action movies, they are empowering for my daughters.”

Certainly empowering for their trust funds.

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