The image above is the Silver Surfer (aka Norrin Radd, for those puzzled by my crypto-geek headline) from the upcoming film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Fox had originally decided not to show us the Surfer until after the teaser trailer hit tomorrow because they wanted our first look at him to be in motion. And they were right. The Surfer in this picture from USA Today doesn’t look so much CGI or PhotoShopped as he looks airbrushed. On the side of a van.

But he’s not a guy in a costume, and he’s got the look of the classic Surfer (although we still haven’t seen if he’s wearing shorts), so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt until we see the actual animation, which Avi Arad describes as “somewhere between gun metal and fluid metallics so you can see the body motion, the breathing, the muscle tone, the mood.” Doug Jones is playing the Surfer underneath the CGI exterior.

I imagine that the trailer will show up online sometime tomorrow, but if you want to see it in big screen glory, it’s attached to Night at the Museum.