I told you about the first. Here’s the second. Hang tight soon for the third featuring today’s big winner, Mr. Phil Mickelson himself!


Nick’s Notes: This was crazy stuff. This was two long days (though we finished ahead of schedule!) at the Excalibur and Luxor hotels. We were on the rooftops of both and let me tell you flat out that it’s a singular experience. Joe Kahn, in addition to being supremely talented, is a collaborator. Sometimes fierce. Sometimes flexible. Sometimes downright inspiring. Bottom line, the week in Vegas was a time of learning and seeing how much truly goes into to a big commercial. Renn got to do a lot of fun stuff here, and in fact can probably be seen in some of the crowd shots as Joe had Renn and his camera in the thick of things. We were on those rooftops with real helicopters around us and it was energizing but I did have a few moments where I was like: “These winds, those blades, and I’m Morrowed”. My little crew of guys was charged with getting good handheld stuff of the helicopter approaching the rooftop, trying to get some Vegas Strip footage, and realizing a few storyboards for the spot. The shot from the ground of the spectators watching the ball sail from rooftop to rooftop was especially difficult as the geography and time of day really were conspiring against us. We got to shoot some FX plates and a variety of things which was a lot of fun and it was especially great to “cast” the background talent we used. It was a great bit of fun and the result is an amazing and dynamic golf commercial. Hope you dig it.