Roundup, Ho!– Hot on the alloyed heels of the geekalicious Transformers trailer comes the rebooted Transformers website. The site now hosts a message board, desktop downloads, trailers in HD and a glowing, spikey globe. The official website trailer has also added a special Easter egg for those who can’t wait to hear Peter Cullen as the voice Optimus Prime.

– Having done about everything else in entertainment, Madonna wants to try directing. Blade to the Heat, the project she’s got her sights set on, follows events surrounding the fateful boxing match between Emile Griffith and Benny Paret. The match ended in Paret’s death, after Griffith pounded him into a coma after Paret wielded a homosexual slur against him. The topic was recently covered in the documentary Ring of Fire.

– The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bandwagon is steaming forward, with even more cast members added to the mix. Sarah Michelle Gellar will voice April, the Turtles’ news reporter pal, while Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) will voice Casey Jones, the hockey masked guy who was always the one action figure left on the Toy Store racks. They’ve also got a new poster to add to the hooplah. Behold:

– Penelope Ann Miller is stepping up to star in Blonde Ambition, a loose remake of Working Girl to be directed by Scott Marshall. The film will also star Jessica Simpson (and the tiring, yet obligatory references to her moneymakers), Luke Wilson and Andy Dick. Andy Dick!? Sadly, I just wrote this movie off.