much as I liked yesterday’s teaser trailer for Michael Bay’s Transformers, the title of “Week’s Best Teaser” has been quickly transferred to Grindhouse, the anthology effort from best buds Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Click here to see it.

The teaser seems a little heavier on Planet Terror, Rodriguez’ zombie film, but that’s probably just because that movie is the most finished. Tarantino’s Death Proof features some nice scenes of Kurt Russell having a little bit of fun as a bad guy, while the Planet Terror stuff is more pyrotechnical, and features the Rose McGowan leg gun in glorious usage.

The teaser feels like something that would fit wonderfully on Synapse Films’ 42nd Street Forever DVD collection series of classic exploitation trailers – which is the stuff that Grindhouse was made to emulate. Does this film have a pretty high chance of being much goofier than we’d like? Sure, but no teaser has made me grin like this one in a long, long time.

Now let’s just hope that QT has the slavish homage stuff out of his system and can go to make a new film that isn’t a series of references strung together by his inarguably strong cinematic vision.