NOTE: We have been contacted by Disney and asked to take the image down. We’ve complied.

Coming Soon got their hands on an unofficial picture of Keith Richards in costume as Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. You can see a small bit of the picture here, and I have to tell you, if Coming Soon wasn’t claiming this was Richards I might have guessed it was Barbossa as a zombie. The question is whether Richards is in makeup or if he’s just that ghoulish looking. I am opting for “ghoulish.”

When the rumor of the Rolling Stone playing Johnny Depp’s dad first went around, I was tickled. But that was before I saw the second movie, which I liked but which is completely overstuffed. I don’t doubt that the third will be just as packed beyond the gills, and throwing in an aged rock icon is only going to be a silly distraction. Especially because he looks like he’s ready to eat brains.

Visit Coming Soon to see the whole picture, if you dare.