is a very specific joy about McG’s new film, We Are
– seeing Ian McShane and David Straitharn sharing scenes together. The
film is based on the true story of a 1971 plane crash that killed the entire Marshall
football team and
coaching staff, as well as many prominent fans and citizens of Huntington,
West Virginia
. Straitharn is the president
of Marshall University,
a man who is not a football fan and who doesn’t know what’s best in the days
after the tragedy – to end the program or to soldier on. Ian McShane plays a
town leader who lost his son in the crash, and he’s dead set against the team
coming back.

We’re happy to have an exclusive clip from the movie, and
this one features those two great actors in a moment together. Click on the
links below to see the clip in Quicktime. 

We Are Marshall
opens Friday. Read my McG profile here, and my Q&A with Matthew Fox here. A
McShane Q&A is coming!

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