Oh hell yes, I think I like where this is going.

So here’s the deal: No Country For Old Men, The Road author Cormac McCarthy decided that instead of coughing up his next novel he’d simply skip ahead to the screenplay. The Counselor, as the script is called, was immediately snapped up by producers and hooked Ridley Scott as an interested party to direct. The unofficial synopsis:

The protagonist in The Counselor is a respected lawyer who thinks he can dip a toe in to the drug business without getting sucked down. It is a bad decision and he tries his best to survive it and get out of a desperate situation.

Now here we are with the excellent news that Ridley Scott is a lock and The Counselor will be his next project. Even better? He’s bringing a Prometheus star with him! None other than Michael “Fuck An Academy Award” Fassbender is in talks to star in the film, though unlike Scott he has not yet signed. The actor has a fantastic track record of picking the most interesting material available to him though, so I have a feeling this will work out.

Deadline brings this news while also noting that it may be a mere six month gap between McCarthy turning in his script, and Ridley Scott rolling cameras on it. That’s a hell of a quick turnaround and hopefully indicative of just how fantastic the material is. This is still huge.

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(via Dark Horizons)