Gimme five.– You knew the double-dip was coming. Spider-Man 2: Extended
will be officially shooting extended gobs of extra-sticky goo your way in April- just in time to coincide with the release
of Spider-Man 3: The Normal Cut. In an effort to A) tantalize fans for the
April release or B) deflate the April release, Fox will air the same Extended Cut on
January, 2 2007. Tivo and enjoy four months before the release as many times as
you like. Happy New Year, indeed.

– Rob
Zombie has revealed the choice for young Mike (aka. Michael Myers) in his remake of Halloween: Daeg Faerch. I don’t know how you pronounce
it, but it looks Scandanavian and so does the kid. Daeg will play Michael Myers
at age 10 (the pivotal year he’s institutionalized). At first glance, he looks
like a great choice– L’il Daeg already has the Kubrik crazy-stare perfected.
(Note from Nick: Look for one of my 11 Colonels ATTACK! co-stars to be in the cast list in an important role as well!)

– If
you’ve been looking for Brittany Murphy, you’ll find her at The White Hotel. And
she won’t be singing “Faster, Pussycat”. America’s third favorite way-too-skinny
celebrity will be playing the lead in Simon Monjack’s (executive producer of
Factory Girl) latest. Set in Vienna,
will play a woman seeking answers to a white hotel she sees in her dreams. Who better to ask than the one and only Sigmund Freud? After telling her the white hotel is nothing more than a penis,they discover she can also see the future. Hopefully there’s a
sandwich in there somewhere.

– The
international poster for Ghost Rider has hit the web, and Nicholas Cage is
looking hungry and aaaaaangry. Perhaps his leather
pants are giving an unpleasant pinch to his loins? Perhaps his hair piece is a
little scratchy? Perhaps he doesn’t like the way his motorcycle is on fire. Either way, flames abound! (Click here for a larger version).

– Patrick
Stewart, thespian and voice-over contributor extraordinaire will lend his
smooth pipes to the voice of Max Winters, a villain in the upcoming Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles
CG movie. Apparently, Max hails from South
and controls monsters via a portal gained from a deal with
the devil. You may not know this, but “Max” and “Winters” are huge names in Argentina and Peru.