Woohoo, sales art…


As Renn already informed you, Machete Kills is actually happening.  Much of the cast of the first is said to be returning* and I’m sure we’ll see some of RR’s other pals pop up (Michael Biehn, please!).  This puppy will also be hitting theaters with a teaser for the appropriately titled Machete Kills Again (aka Machete Kills Again…in Space) attached at the ends that will supposedly feature Trejo wielding a lightsaber-esque machete.  Yep, for better or worse, Rodriguez has my money in this instance.


Source | ComingSoon

* – Possibly including Jeff Fahey, who bit the dust last time ’round.  According the the actor himself, he supposedly has a role in the new one.  Normally I would just call this wishful thinking (like Stephen Lang with Avatar 2), but I wouldn’t put it past Rodriguez to resurrect him somehow………..be it as a twin or as my personal hope, a cyborg!