7 Images, One Roundup.– Hardy Boys fans can stick it. Nancy Drew has made her way to
the Cineplex first, thanks to Warner Brothers. Want proof? Check out the
trailer and all the pre-pubescent mystery here.

– Rogue pictures has picked up and is churning Hack/Slash, a
graphic novel inspired tale involving two bounty hunters (one wears a bra, the other a gas mask) who make their leather
and mullet upkeep money through bringing in supernatural killers. The graphic
novel is written by Tim Seeley and, when it finally films, promises a hard "R" rating. Hot dog!

– Adam Sandler, in his "I’m serious! No, I’m not– I’m a dick!
No, I’m not- I’m serious!"-type Career path has slipped in under the radar with another
role from the I’m Serious camp. Packed with legitimate actors, Reign Over Me
tells the straight story of a man who lost his family in 9/11 and begins to
heal through his friendship with an old college roommate (played by Don
Cheadle). The trailer? Here.

– Carey Elwes will star in Psych9, a new scary-type film
from Andrew Shortell (Pull). Employed as a busy-worker for patient records in a
recently closed hospital, a predictably disturbed woman gets all screamey when
she discovers events leading to some twisted murders in years past. No word on
whether Elwes is playing the woman.

– Parasomnia, another subjective horror attempt, is currently
shooting. Parasomnia is being directed by William Malone (House on Haunted
), who also wrote the screenplay. The horror begins when a young woman who
suffers from parasomnia (any waking act done while sleeping, though in this
film, she’s sleeping her life away) wakes up and walks around. I’m guessing it
will try to be scarier than that, but that’s the synopsis.

– Julia Ormond, she of who I used to think was hot but now looks like Mom,
will incidentally, play a Mom in I Know Who Killed Me. Lindsay
Lohan will play the dramatic center of the story as Ormond’s daughter. As the story goes, Lohan’s character is
kidnapped and found, yet disavows she is who Mom says she is. Kinda sounds like
real life. Minus the kidnapping part.

– Guillermo del Toro has an update for everyone anticipating Hellboy 2: “You guys
suck”. Ok, not really. The Supremely Busy One notes that casting will begin in
January, with shooting proposed for May or June of 2007. In the mean time,
Guillermo has stated he and the studio are wrangling over the budget. Money.
Pfffft. Who needs it?