Hiya folks, today I’m going to run you through the trip I took with the lady yesterday to see Wall*E. I’ll give my thoughts on the movie later, but here is some of the trip we had. It was quite fun…..

Here we are at the Mt. Zion AMC 24 theater (I love it so…).

This is me kicking the goddamn kiosks that haven’t consistently worked since they installed them a few months ago…

Did manage to get a ticket eventually. (This is in theater 9, one of the smaller side theaters. “Hulk” and “Narnia 2” were in the main stadium theaters.)

The following is my reaction to some posters we saw around the place…

This is a cool picture…

…but all the same…

And some good-looking movies…

And this WTF moment…. Look at her fucking neck

if you still don’t get it, go here.

Finally, after seeing the (very good) movie, we took some pictures with the big ‘ole WALL-E.

Thanks for taking a look folks. One-word review is below.

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