recently showed you the international teaser poster for Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part II, which consisted of a giant close-up of nasty, nasty meat. The full size image made me more than just a little queasy, but I figured I would only have to deal with it on a computer screen – after all, there was no way that poster could ever be approved for American theaters, right?


Eli Roth emailed me this morning to drop the gooey good news:

The poster just got approved by the MPAA. This is now officially the U.S. teaser poster, hitting theaters soon. How fucking insane is that?!? I feel like the luckiest director on the planet to have Lionsgate handling my film.

If you didn’t vomit during THE HOLIDAY, you’ll definitely puke on your way home when you see this up on the wall at your local multiplex.

I couldn’t be happier.

Neither could I, honestly. I wish I could hang around my local theater just to see the reactions of people passing by this mess. With this poster alone, Eli Roth is doing more for the cause of vegetarianism than Richard Linklater could do in the whole running time of Fast Food Nation.

Hostel: Part II opens June 8th. Is it wrong that I’m really hoping to see Heather Matarazzo get messily disemboweled? I like her, and love the idea of her being cast in this movie, but Dawn Wiener getting destroyed tickles my funny bone.