Today has brought us the trailers for two interesting projects about otherworldly invaders with interesting pedigrees. In the case of one, it is the fulfillment of a long-standing indie project and in the other case a follow-up to an attention-grabbing sci-fi debut.

First up is Iron Sky which has a big, new trailer along with a spot on the SXSW line-up. The film, which stars Udo Kier, is about a group of Nazis that have remained hidden on the dark side of the moon and have used the 70 years since to build a space-faring army with which to invade the planet in 2018. This is a film we were hearing about four years ago, so to see it come together as such an obviously big movie is a treat. That said, the trailer is exactly the kind of goofy kitsch you’d expect, almost looking like a well-funded porn parody type movie with better-than-average VFX space battles standing in for the sex. Take a look…

I kind of wish they’d skipped the already irrelevant Palin figure, but hey, I’m not gonna be a huge negativity Nancy about a SXSW midnight movie until I see the damn thing.

Next up is the sophomore feature film effort from Nacho Vigalondo, director of Timecrimes. That film stirred up a ton of goodwill when it hit the scene, taking the place as sort of an accessible, Primer-lite with its own unique flourishes. The trailer for Extraterrestrial is pretty transparent about the film being more of an interpersonal comedy than an invasion film, but the pretext of the story is still sci-fi enough. The reviews have drawn some Woody Allen parallels, as you’ll see quoted.

Since its debut at Fantastic Fest it hasn’t shown up on any other major fest line-ups, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for its plans to get in front of eyeballs.

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(Extraterrestrial via /Film)