While it takes its time before showing you any significant footage, the 30 seconds of material in The Bourne Legacy trailer (set to rock guitars Inception music!) shows a lot with a little. It suggests you can expect a lot of the same gags and tactics that you’re used to, the same intensity of action, but that franchise screenwriter and now franchise jump-starter director Tony Gilroy is bringing a more measured style to the proceedings. Beyond that there’s not much to interpret because the footage is pretty minimal.

Take a look. You’ve also got Ed Norton front-and-center and a focus on how this film relates and separates from the Damon films, rather than any indication of the actual plot. The motion graphic line motif is quite clever in that respect. Renner, per usual, looks a little hysterical but perfectly confident as an action hero. I’m excited to see what he can do with this big break that coincides with his other break in The Avengers.

See the thing in HD at Apple if you care for pixels, and then shot out your thoughts in the comments below.

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