I don’t know if there was a more under-appreciated film from 2010 than The American, but I do know that any follow-up from director Anton Corbijn instantly has my attention. Alongside a hearty career in music videos and photography, Corbjin made his debut with Control in 2007 (a well-regarded film I’ve still not caught up on) and then next made The American, which may well go down as this decade’s The Conversation. In any event, the director’s next film is moving forward with news that Phillip Seymour Hoffman has joined onto the adaptation of John Le Carre’s contemporary-set story, A Most Wanted Man.

The lead of the film is set to be Herbert Grönemeyer, who is actually the most successful German musician ever apparently, but has an acting legacy leftover from when he appeared in Das Boot decades ago. He will play a mysterious man that shows up in Hamburg and wraps up a young lawyer and a banker into his deportation struggle, meanwhile three country’s worth of spy agencies, led by the German supervisor played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, look into this man as a terror suspect. Though published in 2008 and set in the present day, the project is likely gaining some heat after the success of another Carre adaptation, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Considering Corbijn guided Clooney though one of his most unique performances in some time, I’m excited to see what he and another high-caliber actor like Hoffman cook up.

I would highly suggest you catch The American if you have not already, while I do the same for Control. Hopefully this will get rolling soon, as it’s definitely taken a high spot on the films I’m most excited to see come together. This news comes from Indiewire, who also point out that a documentary focused on Corbijn and his career of making musicians looking good is set for release, so we’ll all get to learn a bit more about the director between now and his next film. The trailer for that doc is below.

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