This is just a quick follow up to a piece last week in which I let you know that McG’s This Means War — an action/comedy starring role for Tom Hardy against Chris Pine — would be moving up its release date to Valentine’s Day in the wake of “great buzz.”

Well, hilariously, the buzz has apparently dwindled and This Means War can’t get its tracking numbers to beat the newest emotional cocktease movie, The Vow. That Rachel McAdams and Tanning Chatum starring vehicle is one I’ve long confused with the Nicholas Sparksy movie about a soldier who falls in love with his overseas wanking photo and begins stalking the girl once he returns to the States. Eventually the guy in love with her that actually knows her becomes a dick, and the soldier gets to start banging her in the rain- the good ole “winning by contrast” technique. THAT movies is actually the Zac Efron vehicle, The Lucky One. No, this McAdams/Chatum film is about a woman who loses her feelings for her husband after a coma, and his attempts to win her love again.

The sanguine trailers promising much romance and heartbreak and mumbling mumblingmumbling love, and is apparently well set to hand This Means War its own ass if it dares challenge it to the VD throne. So now This Means War will have some “sneak screenings” on next Tuesday and have its wide release proper on that Friday, hoping the holiday screenings will build buzz.

So if you were hoping to actually cram some bullets and Bane into your Valentine’s Day evening, you better grab your tickets for a sneak screening otherwise you’re in for a night of Tanning Chatum, with no Gina Carano in sight to kick his ass…

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