It’s already brilliant that there’s a new, apparently old school Rocky film less than a week away, one which folks I know who’ve seen it say is a really wonderful little film for anyone who isn’t bogged down with cynicism and heartlessness. Add to that the fact that Sylvester Stallone looks to be joining us onscreen quite a bit in the upcoming future.

This pleases me. I’ll always stick up for the old pile of muscles with sad eyes and a quick wit.

What also pleases me is the fact that we have an official Rocky Balboa poster signed by Stallone himself, something that’d make anyone’s pool room, bedroom, or punching chamber all the much better.

If I were a shadier sort, I’d keep that bastard for myself and put it next to the ‘keep on CHUDDING’ Rambo autograph a friend got me a few years back.

But this one is all for you…

How to win said prize? This flat little beacon of light? This harbinger of Burt Young’s return?

Follow the rules below, citizens of The United States and Canada:

Using the email link below and including your mailing address, answer me these few questions and complete the minor writing assignment. One lucky sucker will not only get this marvelous poster but also stand tall in statue knowing they are touching something that once touched the screenplay for F.I.S.T.

1. Excluding the first Rocky, which is your favorite Rocky film and why? If Thunderlips is the reason, please guess again.

2. What is the best non-franchise Stallone movie. If D-Tox is the answer, please guess again.

3. Adrian (Talia Shire) is deceased going into Rocky Balboa (tainted cannolis). What other character from the series do you miss the most?

4. If there is a Rocky VII, what would your plot for it be?

Now for the most important part. Go see Rocky Balboa in theaters this week!

Rocky Balboa Official Site