Despite being a rock star fucking film critic whose opinions literally tens of people care about, I still deign to keep an eye on what the folks at my alma mater are up to from time to time. I don’t tend to bring it up here much, as it takes a lot of filtering to find a film school project that’s ready for prime-time, but I have no doubt one project I’ve been turned onto will be right at home on CHUD. So with that I’ll introduce you to Hellyfish

America’s only missing nuclear weapon is leaking radioactive material into the ocean just off the coast of Tybee Island, GA. The trifling existence of a hapless cast is disrupted by a vicious force of nature that shows no mercy.

…which is of course a giant, evil jellyfish.

And by the way- that synopsis is actually based on something crazy and totally legit.


These guys are of course paying tribute to the same Roger Corman-esque, Syfy style features that our own 365 Days of Sci-Fi exhaustively honored, and you’ll see for yourself that they’re doing it with more-than-a-little style and confidence. I am pals with a few folks in the production (namely the extremely talented D.P. Bob Jones), but for the most part this is a new crew and I have no actual ties to the project, other than being mightily impressed.

The film is currently half-shot, with VFX in-process and more filming scheduled. The crew is looking for some bucks to help finish the process out and get it into festivals, so they’ve turned of course, to Kickstarter and thus, you. The problem with an indie/short film Kickstarter campaign is that most of them look atrocious and not only fail to suggest the talent involved could actually complete the film, but actually serve to make them look especially incompetent. Fortunately that’s not the case here, as director’s Rob and Pat have cooked up a tongue-in-check KS video that is funny, informative, and I think clearly shows these guys know what they’re doing.

Take a look for yourself…

So there you go. Kick in a few bucks if you care to see this happen*, or if you dig it and are unable, share this around so others can. I don’t often go out on a limb for something like this as it opens a serious floodgate that’s tough to close, so take that as a I sign that genuinely believe that Hellyfish is something we all want to see. You can check out the short’s website for more info.

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*Just so you know, Meddin Studios of Savannah is supporting the film and is matching 10% of donations, so any help goes even farther.