So let’s run down through some of these various and sundry Super Bowl trailers, shall we?

First up, The Avengers. This is the version extended from what actually aired.

A few more money shots are good for the soul, though it still feels like the movie is built around one big, centrally located, climactic battle scene. I’m getting a Green Lantern vibe in that as the effects finish up we’re getting more big shots as we’d expect, but the scale of the movie looks similar. Iron Man still gets the major action beat, though Hulk gets a nice shot as well. Also, I feel like Sam Jackson is actually putting a little heart into Nick Fury this time around, at least from what I’ve seen.

Hawkeye and Black Widow are still painfully out of place in that awesome rotating hero shot, though the erections I’m sure that shot of Thor helping up Captain America is giving the world’s geeks makes up for it. Looks fun, but it looks fun how every Marvel film has been fun. I just don’t see how people are shitting their pants over a few comic book panels jazzed up with some real-life costumes and CGI. They’ve yet to sell this film on any ideas- you know, Marvel ideas like marginalized heroes fighting even for a people that want to disenfranchise them, or a boy dealing with power, responsibility, and sudden adulthood, or an arrogant playboy facing the reality of what his life’s work has wrought in the world. Right now it’s just porn, and I’m eager for them to sell it from a different angle…

Second, G.I. Joe 2..

I like that this actually goes for a nice, low-key toned action montage set to nice dramatic Jay-Z who, along with Reznor, is going to have a corner on the trailer-music-licensing market here soon. Still, the film barely registers as a film on my neurons. Not much new footage here to change that perception, except WHOABRUCEYOURFACE!

Let loose your reactions to these items in the comments below. More or less excited about these respective blockbusters?

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