summer I was in Mexico City for a couple of days, and when I wasn’t brushing my teeth with bottled water, I was visiting the set of Resident Evil: Extinction. The picture picks up years after the finale of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and zombies have mostly taken over the world. Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, hooks up with a rag tag convoy of survivors searching for a fabled safe human colony in Alaska.

While I was on set, I talked to producer Jeremy Bolt, who said that there was a fourth film on the horizon, and that this one actually ended on a semi-cliffhanger note lead into the next one. Through other sources I found out that the fourth film would be taking place in Japan, and that Extinction would end with Alice appearing via hologram or something to the heads of the Umbrella Corporation, telling them they were next. Big finish!

But that’s presumably all out the window, now – Sony has sent out a new synopsis for the movie, and it calls Extinction “the third and final installment” of the series. That certainly seems like a major turnabout before the thing is released. And when was that decision made? Before filming finished? Is it because Milla doesn’t want to keep working with her ex, Paul "What Shit" Anderson (if the rumors are true and they did break up)? Or is it possible that the synopsis is in error? Has the ending been changed?

This is a mystery that’s going to haunt mankind for seconds.