first screening of 2007 will be a Cedric the Entertainer movie. I know what you’re thinking, ‘It’s all downhill fromt here’ but give us a chance. We may get something else that dethrones it. If we’re lucky.

I think New Line is looking forward to 2007 as being a much better year than 2006, a period of time which might as well be called 365 Days of Night. It was rough. Michelle Rodriguez rough. That said, 2007 looks pretty solid and if there’s any common sense in the world, 2008 will be one where many people get eaten by large aquatic beasts, resulting in prehysteria of which the likes of only readers of Jewish fiction authors know. New Line, if you’re reading this… duh.

Code Name: The Cleaner features said multi-hyphenate as a man whom "In a Dirty World, He’s Our Only Hope". He’s joined by the still phenomenally cute Lucy Liu and the beautiful but airbrushally challenged ex-Hamlin we all know and love from Desperate Housewives. Speaking of, I was at Universal Studios last week and I got to see their famous street. I also saw the Psycho house, which was nearly ruined by the ass horrible eyesore that is Grinch set pieces.

As if I’ve not danced around the topic at hand enough, they also had the full airline crash site from War of the Worlds and it may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen Reb Brown.

If you’re looking to start your moviegoing year with a little comedy on January 3rd and you live in one of the cities below, pop a SASE in the mail to:
4915 Camberbridge Dr.
Alpharetta, GA 30022

I’ll mail you a pass back and your year will be off to a tremendous start.


I’m thinking of calling myself Nick the Conqueror from here on, I mean, if we can just tack on any title we want no matter how inaccurate, I figure I’m worthy of being called a conqueror. John Lithgow would disagree.