house Dimension Films’ Black Christmas, or Black X-mas as it’s been rechristened, has got some folks all pissed off. Seems a couple Christian-based groups have decided to stomp their feet and put up a little protestation about trying to kill Lacey Chabert on Christmas.

I can’t say anyone is surprised.

While I don’t slight them for being offended- they have that right- I do wonder why they’re putting any energy into protesting this film based on content and context, when 2006 was a banner year for visceral horror in general. If they’ve got an issue with horror, they’d be better served to ignore it or address the issue as a whole. Don’t pick out one minor release film just because it happens to involve Christmas.

In the mean time, Dimension flipped them the bird and responded stoically, "There is a long tradition of releasing horror movies during the holiday season as counter-programming to the more regular yuletide fare. ‘Black Christmas’ is a remake of a classic 1974 horror movie with a big cult following." Dimension then clinked their blood filled chalices together and toasted the Liberty Counsel and Operation Just Say Merry Christmas for opening their silly yaps and handing out free publicity.