3.jpgFor all the Shrek fans out there, AOL has just added the new trailer for Shrek The Third. Puss in Boots, Donkey, thonged wooden puppets and familiar villains… the gang’s all there.

To be honest, I’m always a little surprised over the continued success of Dreamworks Animation projects– Especially Shrek.
Maybe the popularity is based on Shrek having been a first-mover in the
studio CG animation category. Maybe people like farting, booger eating
Ogres or a quick and breezy trip through gag-land, but Dreamworks
animation has yet to win me over. I’ve finally realized why. Join me in
my rant, won’t you?

typical Dreamworks animation fashion, Shrek orbits around its star
powered voice line-up, one-liners and pop-culture references. Story and
character are either shuffled to the periphery or part of a gag. Special Features on Dreamworks Animation DVD
releases are loaded with features on the voice talent. Contrast that with Pixar, where the clout of
super-star voice talent remains low key and story/character
enjoys the spotlight. Result? Pixar films endure on originality-
fostering long-term endearment instead of vapidly piggy-backing on
previously manufactured pop culture for "wink-winks" and a short-term crush.

My disconnect with Shrek and its ilk boils down to Dreamworks Animation relying too heavily on "clever" and pop culture
relevancy. While that might not bother most folks, ultimately pop culture’s shelf life is a short one and,
when used in excess, whitewashes any inherent charm…. and it shows.
date, Pixar films are anticipated and, for the most part, timeless.
Dreamworks are simply seen and become dated the following year.

If you’ve made it this far, click here to view the trailer and punch me in my snooty mouth.