Good day.

Some of you who follow us on Twitter and Facebook are aware that Renn and I jetted to Las Vegas in December to work on a commercial. Three actually. For Callaway Golf. With Phil Mickelson, Alvaro Quiros, and Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey. Under the tutelage and capable skills of director Joe (Torque, Detention, and millions of the most famous music videos ever made) Kahn. I got to direct 2nd unit and Renn was in the thick of it as a cameraman grabbing all sorts of phenomenal stuff. You know you’ve lucked out when you’re in charge of the Bellagio Fountain. An incredible time, and we busted our ass and were able to create some amazing shots.

The first commercial has aired and it’s awesome. It’s also possibly the least epic of the three, so just wait until you see what we did on the rooftops of the Luxor and Exclaibur or around the Mirage’s volcano!

Here’s the spot. Several of these shots were totally made possible by the phenomenal dudes of our 2nd unit!