If you love seeing stills from upcoming films that might hint at or reveal spoilage, you’re going to be really disappointed with this one.

Ocean’s 13, the prequel to Ocean’s 14, has its first official image from the film up and at ‘em. Ok, so maybe there won’t be an Ocean’s 14, as Steven Soderbergh has stated he’ll fall in line with the Hollywood gimmick of "The Trilogy" and make 13 the last Ocean’s crook-loving installments. Well, it damned well better be, because I don’t know how it could be any good without Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts to carry it this time around.

Either way, this picture shows Matt, George and Brad (aka- Linus, Daniel and Rusty) are going to keep their cool about it. Behold the trio looking hip, quippy and ready to initiate some airport mischief.

Ocean’s 13 is slated for a balmy and too-cool-for-school June 8, 2007 release date.

(Note from Nick: I still love Ocean’s Twelve more than most other two films, silly Julia Roberts joke and all.)