"He now fights with the thrill of sky boarding and the kill of jujitsu! Sky jitsu! Sky jitsu! That’s actually ripped off from a trailer I saw years ago, for this movie Gymakata. They go, ‘The thrill of gymnastics!’ and then they show some guy flipping. ‘The kill of karate!’ And I love how they say ‘karatay.’ It was so cool."
- Sam Raimi in the new Premiere Magazine

In May we’re going to see a titanic tussle like something out of a too-packed with monsters Godzilla movie: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 will duke it out with Shrek 3 and Spider-Man 3. Each of these films would be the biggest movie of the year they were released and they’re being released within weeks of each other. My money is on Spider-Man 3 (although I do fear Shrek The Third will take the box office crown. As I have no monetary stake in any of these films I don’t know why I fear that), and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it.

Oh wait, yes I could. And yes I have just become more jazzed about it – Premiere’s latest issue has a Spidey 3 sneak peek, and someone at the Superhero Hype boards has scanned it for the web to enjoy. There are a couple of new pictures (like the amazing one at the bottom of this article), but most interesting are the words – while Spider-Man 3 is packed to the gills with characters and conflicts, Sam Raimi has sold me that he approached the material from the correct thematic angle.

Be warned – if you’re staying spoiler free on this movie, Raimi et al explain many of the plot elements. If you’ve been following along all these months, none of this stuff will come as a surprise to you.