can now see the teaser trailer for Live Free or Die Hard, the resurrection of Bruce Willis’ famous franchise, by clicking here.

As a teaser there’s not much indication of what the heck this movie is about beyond stuff slamming into other stuff – cars into concrete, trucks into cars, people into cars, cars into helicopters. What decade is this? Live Free or Die Hard, judging by this trailer, is a complete throwback to the days when movies dispensed with plot and dialogue and filled the gaps with squibs and explosions. What’s funny is that the Die Hard films felt like a breed apart from those films.

Two other notes: I am shocked that a man being blown out of a building and falling four or more stories to land on – and fall off of! – a car hood is acceptable in a green band trailer. I am also shocked that the unbelievably bad effects in that shot where Willis and boytoy Justin Long just miss getting flattened by a flying car is acceptable in a teaser trailer for a major Hollywood motion picture in 2006.