Buried, the claustrophobia thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, is a bad movie that at least manages a shallow success by following through with its premise without ever cheating or copping out. The entire movie takes place in the coffin in which Reynolds is buried, and the filmmaking (if not the writing) is strong enough to make that concept kinda work. In any event, it’s also the movie that this Stephen Dorff thriller Brake is obviously channeling, though they’ve decided to jazz it up by making the coffin the trunk of a car, which can move! And be shot full of holes! And bees!

That’s right, bees. Ole Stephen Dorff had to get his Nic-Cage-In-Wicker-Man on for this part, as apparently these terrorists have a taste for timed, periodic trunk tortures, a la Saw-lite.

Also, the trailer makes sure to show you that this movie will bust out of the trunk at some point and won’t be totally boring the whole time!

Between the taglines and cheesy voice overs, this trailer is cut like it’s selling a DTV movie, which isn’t entirely fair as the film’s February 17th VOD release precedes a theatrical release on March 23rd. I’m still mostly baffled by that release scheme (even though it’s become the de facto standard for indie movies in the last 12 months), but that goes double for a film like this

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(via /Film)