However much you know about Chronicle is already too much.

Don’t watch another ad or read another review (for now), but plan to go see it at your earliest convenience and enjoy a well-crafted, interestingly structured film. Then come back and read Tim Kelly’s thoughtful review, and the spoiler-filled critique I’ll have waiting for you. Even if you’re accustomed to heavily researching before spending your precious dollars, I’d encourage you to bite the bullet on this one and give it a shot.

I only take the time to put this suggestion out there because I myself had the rare opportunity to see the film 100% blind, walking in knowing only that it was to at least some degree a “found footage” film and that it somehow dealt with people with powers. Beyond that I’d seen not a frame of footage or an image at all, and it made for a remarkably fun, interesting experience. Chronicle is a hell of a crowd movie as well, so seeing this unfold with few expectations and having an enthusiastic audience (which are likely to plentiful this opening weekend) made all the difference. If it’s at all possible, I’d encourage you to seek out a similar experience – it’s a movie uniquely suited to such a set of circumstances.

Perhaps you’re already well spoiled on the film, or have seen enough trailers and TV spots to rewrite the script without having seen it, and in that case, see it anyway. It will still work like gangbusters I suspect.

I can’t wait to talk about this one with you guys.

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