I skipped out on Insidious when it came out in the theaters, but I rented it from the Redbox when it hit video. Turned out to be a pleasant surprise as I quite enjoyed it. despite one sequence towards the end, it was a very effective haunting movie that is exactly what the boring Paranormal Activity films* wish they were. Apparently Wan and Whannel aren’t done with the franchise, since they are working on the sequel that was announced even before their involvement was confirmed.

The movie was a hit, and was very low budget, so the money men got what they invested and then some. It also had a great ending, so I’m looking forward to where they go from there.

*I just rented the 3rd Paranormal Activity film this past weekend, and aside from a good last 10 minutes, it was too little too late. The movie just did nothing for me. Just like the second one. Although I did like the first one.

Source: thewrap