you, like me, are waiting for your chance to see how Justin Timberlake brings Sexy back to murdering naïve 15 year old kids in Alpha Dog, you may have to wait. Recent courtly maneuvering around the films portrayal of Jesse James Hollywood and Nicholas Markowitz may be a little too close to real-life and could postpone the feel-good film of 2007.

The real-life events unfold as follows: In 2000, Jesse James Hollywood was accused of kidnapping and murdering Nicholas Markowitz, the 15 year old brother of an indebted drug client. Hollywood subsequently left California for some down time in Brazil, where he was arrested 5 years later. Hollywood is now in the US and currently on trial for murder.

In the mean time, Nick Cassavetes, director of rain-soaked, McAdams straddled The Notebook, wrote and directed Alpha Dog based on the events of the case. Alpha Dog debuted at Sundance and was picked up by Universal last year and is scheduled for a release date of January 12, 2007. However, Hollywood’s lawyer contends the release of the film during trial could taint the jury with its portrayal of a possible murderer as, you know, a murderer.

To its credit, Universal has flashed the free speech card and the judge has noted the First Ammendment will most likely trump the defenses argument. However, the judge wants to see the film before he makes a decision, which may push Alpha Dog, already feeling like it’s been in some state of production since before underpants became the old hotness, back even further.

If there’s a remote chance you haven’t heard of this film, help Justin bring Sexy back to Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone by viewing the trailer here.

UPDATE: The federal judge overseeing the case has since viewed Alpha Dog and is allowing it to proceed with its January 12, 2007 release date. Naturally, Hollywood’s lawyer is appealing to the 9th Circuit Court. Good luck with that, OK?