news for fans of Futurama who are mostly looking forward to the New Year because it will bring them that much closer to the 2008 release of new episodes of the classic animated show: ToyFare Magazine has an interview with David X Cohen, co-creator of Futurama, where he reveals some of the details of the reunion episodes.

Cohen says the new eps (which may be on TV or may be straight to DVD) will take place two years after the Fox show ended, and they will immediately deal with the Fry/Leela relationship. We can expect to see Nudar, an evil alien nudist, more about the secrets of Nibbler, and more about dark matter.

And the best part of the interview: “[W]e are looking into producing a full 22-minute episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad for the DVD release. I am serious.”

Read the whole interview here.