Worst. Star Wars. Reference. Ever.

The always amazing dudes and ladies at the Humble Indie Bundle have released a new collection of four Android games available now for download. I’m a huge fan of the Humble Indie Bundles of the past, and this is no exception. This is the first time they’re stretching into the mobile realm, and so far, so good. Three as part of the bundle, with World of Goo packed in as a fourth title if you pay over the average (as of this writing, the minimum was $5.98).

Previous Humble Indie Bundles have included Jonathan Blow’s platforming masterpiece Braid, as well as the brutal gorefest Shank and hair-pulling frustration of Super Meat Boy. Typically including Steam codes, as well as direct downloads (and often, soundtracks), the Humble Indie Bundle allows the buyer to control how much of their donation is given to charity or to the developers themselves.

The Humble Indie Bundle is really a win-win as not only are you getting hours of entertainment (often replayable entertainment), but you’re also donating to a worthy charity (Child’s Play). I’ve picked up every one and haven’t regretted a purchase yet. Now that the Bundle is expanding into mobile territory, I’m even more stoked about it.

These titles would cost you quite a bit on their own, so paying under ten bucks for all four is totally worth it. Don’t worry, these Android games are also playable on your PC or through Steam, so give it a go!

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