was Tobey Maguire interview in the Los Angeles Times the other day, in which he reveals some more information on Spider-Man 3.

Basically, there’s the goo, right? The symbiote which has, like, a dark energy, like the goo from the thing that creates Venom."

To those less articulate than Mr. Maguire, he goes on to explain what he means.

(Venom is) a very, very popular character from the later Spider-Man comics. He has the same kind of attributes that Spider-Man has, but he’s just stronger, faster and more vicious than Spider-Man. And it comes from this goo that comes from outer space, so first the goo comes and gets hold of me."

In the original comics, the black symbiote originally came back with Peter Parker from outer space after defeating The Beyonder. [Note from nerdy Devin: Actually, Peter got the black suit during the Secret Wars, which wasn’t fought against the Beyonder but actually at his behest – he gathered Earth’s heroes and villains on a patchwork planet to make them duke it out and sell toys. The superheroes ended up taking up residence in an alien building and after Spider-Man’s suit was wrecked in battle, Peter used an alien sewing machine to make a new one. Sadly, these aliens sew in psychotically jealous black symbiote goo. The superheroes didn’t get really involved with The Beyonder until Secret Wars II, which features THE seminal Spider-Man moment, where Peter Parker teaches the Beyonder how to take a shit.] I’m sure Raimi & Co. left that little tidbit out of Spider-Man 3, so just how will the black goo make it’s appearance on Earth? The prevailing theory is that John Jameson, Mary-Jane’s fiancé from the second film, will accidentally bring it back from one of his missions into outer space. However, I know we’ll find out for sure in the coming months.