Films recently picked up distribution rights to Storm Warning, the new film directed by Jamie Blanks, in North America, Austrialia, and New Zealand.

Storm Warning is about a yuppie couple lost in a swamp seek refuge at an isolated farmhouse only to discover they’ve been captured by deranged killers. Blanks is no stranger to the slasher genre, as he has previously directed Urban Legend and Valentine.

The movie was written by Everett Deroche, and stars Nadia Feres, Robert Taylor, John Brumpton, David Lyons and Matthew Wilkinson.

I’ve kind of lost my attraction to the slasher genre a few years ago. There just haven’t been any really good ones in a very long time. I like Blanks’ Urban Legend, but I thought that
Valentine was just terrible. The concept on Storm Warning isn’t exactly new, but maybe he’s taking it in a different direction.