I wish I was a woman. And not just because I would like to spend my days staring at my supple breasts in the mirror (I do that now anyway). I would like to be a woman so I could do something like give an award for “Best Depiction of Nudity or Sexuality” and not be considered a total creep.

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has just such an award, and they’ve announced the 2006 nominees for nekkidness:

1. Babel
2. Borat
3. Little Children
4. Notorious Bettie Page
5. Sherrybaby

These are, in my opinion, strong, strong contenders. Borat obviously blew the doors off of what we can see on screen in terms of nudity, for good or for ill. Kate Winslet’s nudity in Little Children, besides being damn fine and always welcome Kate Winslet nudity, showcases a mature, post-childbirth, post-breast feeding body.

I do have to give the win to Babel, though, since the Rinko Kikuchi full frontal nudity almost made me like the film. Not only was the nudity complete, it was long – Rinko didn’t just disrobe for a quick cutaway. And it came after all the rest of her scenes had been in a school girl outfit. Oh, and she also flashed her pubes from beneath her plaid schoolgirl skirt. I actually recommended this performance be given NYFCO’s Humanitarian Award.

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has some other fun categories, including “Actor Most in Need of A New Agent,” “Movies You Wanted to Love But Just Couldn’t” and “The Hanging in There for Best Persistence.”

By the way, sadly my computer with a DVD player isn’t working or else I would have given you a screen capture of Rinko from my Babel awards screener!