are looking up for The Simpsons Movie. The first teaser trailer, which featured Homer being smashed around by a wrecking ball (a gag from 1926 that holds up so well it feels more like it’s from 1933!), was, without a doubt, the worst teaser for a cinematic endeavor ever (unless that video of Screech shitting on someone’s face had a teaser trailer. In that case The Simpsons Movie comes in a close, close second). Now there’s a second teaser, and it’s a marked improvement: it’s not excruciatingly awful, it’s just really bad!

The second teaser again opens with that same CGI bunny joke, but the Simpsons footage after is different… and still slapstick. What’s up with the focus on cheap slapstick in these teasers? That certainly isn’t what I remember about the fabled “good” seasons of The Simpsons (they aired in black and white, right? Just after I Love Lucy?).

Maybe if The Simpsons Movie had come out when George Bush*was president I would have cared. Or it would have been worth getting interested in.

You can see the new teaser by clicking here.

*The one who had a war with Saddam Hussein.