is now up to producing three shows on Fox. Announced a few months ago, On The Lot is an American Idol-like show where young filmmakers compete every week for a one million dollar developmental deal with DreamWorks Pictures.

The other two were announced today. First up is a drama set in the world of fashion. Spielberg reportedly got the idea after attending New York’s fashion week. The story is about five twenty-something’s who work in the world of fashion. Ed Burns and Christy Turlington are set to write the hour-long drama.

The other show is about time travel. It’s about two young American physicists in WWII who discover a way to pinch time and travel to the future. They wind up hopping between 2007 and the 1940s in order to aid the war effort. Unfortunately, they begin to upset the space-time continuum in the process. Scott Gemmill is set to write.

Steven Spielberg is obviously a very busy man. He signs on to more projects than he can actually handle. He’s currently got 200+ movies in development, and now he keeps adding TV shows to his plate. I love the man, but for the love of God, stay with a project until it sees completion!